Supporting the active occupation, the entrepreneurial and the sustainabile non-agricol economy development by training and involving the available human resources from the rural areas

Beneficiary : The National Association of Romanian Villages
The Project is financed by the ESF, being selected by the Sectoral Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007 – 2013 , Priority Axis 5 “Promoting active employment measures “, Key Area of ​​Intervention : 5.2 “Promoting the long-term sustainability of rural areas in terms of human resource development and employment “
The overall objective of the project : The project aims to develop human resources in rural areas through training and counseling to assist the unemployed labor force in creating new businesses and supporting the process of restructuring by reducing the subsistence agriculture . By developing entrepreneurial competences, it creates long-term sustainable development opportunities , which will have an the impact on the tertiary and active employment in rural areas.

Specific objectives:
1: Defining the intervention model based on quantitative and qualitative studies involving local representatives and transfer of best practices through transnational partners .

2: Training for operators for acquiring the necessary capacity to implement actions for stimulating the entrepreneurial culture and sustainable development in the selected agricultural areas .
3: Organization of information offices / orientation in the regions concerned and creating employment opportunities for active labor and founding private organisations for the economical development in rural areas.
4: The connection between the professional training and the consultancy organised in the information offices for the development of structures for long-term care services in the formation of entrepreneurial skills among the rural population.
5: Targeting the sustainability of the information offices and the activities of counseling / guidance by raising awareness in rural areas about the importance of media in creating entrepreneurial opportunities in services and opportunities for employment.
6: Promoting equal opportunities for the available labor in rural areas, young women and middle-aged people by creating competences in personal, family or small business enterprises.

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