The Local Centre for Touristical Information from Ocna Sugatag

Beneficiary: Ocna Șugatag village

This project is financed by EAFRD (European Agricultural Rural Development Fund), being selected within the National Programme for Rural Development, 3.1.3. Section – The Support of Touristical Activities.

This project aim will be the setting up of a Local Centre for Touristical Information in Ocna Șugatag village, constisting of Budești, Desești and Giulești villages. The recent touristical promoting activity is lower and the existing promotional materials are insufficient and lower qualitative and quantitative lower. Also, at the regional and national level, there is no strategy for foundating a network of County Centres and Local Offices for informing and touristical promoting. There are no brands representing the touristical areas. This kind of centre has the aim to promote the tourism in the north-eastern area of Maramureș county, to enlarge the potential tourists interest in rural sightseeing. This kind of tourism can include going to spa baths or seing folk festivals , visiting churches , monasteries or relaxing walks on routes of great beauty . A reality witnessed by locals and visitors shows that information, education, promotion and involvement of visitators is currently undersized and promotional materials are insufficient in terms of quality and quantity. So building this touristical and informational center would promote wider this area through complex information and promotional activities : designing web pages with great images foro sparking the interest and desire to make travel accessible to all people around the world , panels with maps every township or village center for directing visitors to the touristical sights and the bilingual leaflets for promoting the attractions, the artisans , the tourism and the most important local events. In this center , two people havinfg the tour guide certificate will be employed. The building will have two rooms , one of them will be dedicated to receiving and informing tourists and other for promotion and sale of traditional handicraft products .

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