The Excellence Centre for Comunity Resources is a private organisation which provides management and business consultancy services. Even if this is a new organisation in this field, being founded in 2011 by a group of experts who have over 15 years of experience in the processess of planification and implementation of the european projects financing. Furthermore, this centre is also an accredited provider of professional training, being authorized for information and counciliation services (according to the 76/2002 Law) and as a personal data operator.

Moreover, SC CERC SRL provides, together with the european Founds ministery, services for delivering experts to assist the management system authorities of the structural founds(

The main goal of the organisation is to implement viable projects which correspond with European Union programmes requirements. The project management is a process which implies the project requirements identification, the project objective establishment and the risk analisis. Also, the project management includes planification, putting the project plan in action and analysing the performance and the progress of the project. For SC CERC SRL, the project beneficiaries and their valuable time are very important. Because of this, the organisation provides a complex services offer for minimalising as much as possible the amount of time spent by the project beneficiaries in finding consultancy services.

The organisation mission is to attend the customers through the whole process of applying the investment idea: from stating the project idea to the end of the project, when the investment is materialized.